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Marine Corps Seeking Applications for the 2023 Male and Female Athletes of the Year

The Marine Corps is searching for its top Marine athletes. Marines who have excelled in intramural, varsity, All-Marine, national, and international competitions will be considered for the 2023 Male and Female Athletes of the Year. 

Competitions must comply with the amateur regulations within nationally recognized governing bodies or affiliated organizations within the US Olympic Committee. Applications must include a professional biography encompassing the Marine’s calendar year accomplishments in the sport and professional Marine Corps background.

Athletes must provide published or final results, such as time and scores associated with the sport the applicant participated in within the 2023 calendar year. The application form can be found here. Email completed applications to

All applications are due to HQMC Semper Fit no later than January 5, 2024. The applicant’s commanding officer (O5 level Command or higher) must endorse the application.
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