Image of a mother hugging her new Marine.
Time Event Location
0630 MCRD San Diego opens for
graduation visitor access
Gate 5
(Washington St.)
0730-0830 Color’s Ceremony
Please be seated NLT 0730
General’s Bldg
0830-0945 Graduation Seating
Please be seated NLT 0945
Shepherd Field
1000-1130 Graduation Ceremony Shepherd Field


Color’s Ceremony

Commanding General’s Headquarters
0730 – 0830
Please be seated NLT 0730
Optional event

Witness the daily raising of the flags aboard the Depot. Enjoy performances by Marine Band San Diego and the Color Guard. The ceremony will take place at the Commanding General’s Headquarters, located at the west end of the Parade Deck. Look for the building’s distinctive white turret.

Graduation Seating

Shepherd Field Parade Deck
0830 – 0945

Please be in your seats no later than 0945.

Graduation Ceremony

Shepherd Field Parade Deck
1000 – 1130

Graduation marks the end of a Marine’s time in boot camp. It is his final dismissal and the culmination of his Recruit training. The graduation ceremony includes the graduating Marines, their Drill Instructors and other key training personnel.

The distinguished personnel present are the Depot’s Commanding General, the parade reviewing officer and the parade staff. Highlighted performances include the Marine Band San Diego and the Depot Mascot; an English Bulldog – Lance Corporal Johnny R. Manuelito “Manny”. To learn more about the Depot Mascot: 

Marines line up by their platoon. If you know your Marine’s platoon number, look for signage near the Parade Deck with that number; your Marine will stand near there during the ceremony.

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