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UPDATE: 18 Oct 2023

Important Update: Meet & Greet/DI Dinner Base Access Procedures
There’s an important change to our base access procedures for Meet & Greet/DI Dinner. Effective 25 Oct 2023 with 1st RTBn Delta Co, registration will be required for base access.

**What’s Changing?**
All attendees must register for the Meet & Greet/DI Dinner to gain access onto MCRD San Diego. This registration process will ensure a smoother entry experience for attendees. This change only applies to Meet & Greet/DI Dinner and doesn’t impact base access procedures for Family Day and Graduation.

**How to Register:**

  2. Purchase “Adult or Child Dinner Ticket” to attend the Social Hour and Dinner portion or “General Admission – Social Hour” to attend the Social Hour only.

We understand that change can sometimes be challenging, but we believe this update will benefit the guests attending the Meet & Greet/DI Dinner. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

For official graduation information:


Before You Arrive

Base Access: MCRD San Diego is located just northwest of downtown San Diego and north of the San Diego International Airport, Lindbergh Field. Gate 5 (Washington St.) is the main visitor gate.

Entering and Leaving the Depot: All visitor vehicles MUST enter through Gate 5 (Washington St.). Vehicles and personnel will be searched upon entry. Expect delays and plan accordingly. Gate 5 opens at 4:00 PM for Meet and Greet and 6:30 AM for Family Day and Graduation.

Driver’s License/Registration/Insurance: If you are driving a vehicle, ensure you have a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance in your possession.

Identification: Every person age sixteen and older is required to have a valid form of photo identification to gain base access. Acceptable forms of U.S. government issued identification include: driver’s license, state identification card, passport, military dependent identification card, or school/work identification card (for persons under age 18).

Drugs: All controlled substances are prohibited aboard MCRD San Diego. Any person(s) found possessing a controlled substance or associated paraphernalia (i.e., smoking devices) will be found in violation of Federal law. A medical marijuana card does not authorize possession of marijuana aboard MCRD San Diego. Contraband will be seized and offenders may be cited and denied entry. Controlled substances include but are not limited to: marijuana (or related products), methamphetamines, hallucinogens, and prescription medication without a valid prescription.

Firearms/Weapons: All firearms and weapons are prohibited aboard MCRD San Diego. Prohibited weapons include bat are not limited to: knives greater than 3 inches, switchblades greater than 2 inches, and brass knuckles.

Rideshares: Rideshares (taxis, Uber, Lyft, etc.) are allowed access to the installation following a cursory vehicle search. If the rideshare driver chooses not to undergo the cursory vehicle search, the passenger must be dropped off at the designated pick-up/drop off location at each gate. A cursory vehicle search is an external visual inspection of the vehicle by law enforcement.

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