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Five Key Elements to Healthy Relationships

A relationship is a way two or more people are connected or the way they behave toward each other. You might have romantic, friend, professional, and family relationships.

Healthy relationships include boundaries, self-control, communication, and respect. In healthy relationships, people feel supported, connected, and independent.

Those in healthy relationships experience less stress, report lower levels of depression, and live longer. Healthy relationships often bring out the best in people, which positively impacts military readiness.

Five key elements to healthy relationships:

  1. Trust. Having trust in your partner creates healthy boundaries. Privacy is respected and commitment is not questioned.
  2. Equality. Partners have equal say in the relationship. Decisions are made together and both parties have a voice.
  3. Loyalty. Partners advocate on each other's behalf and look out for each other’s best interests.
  4. Communication. All parties can talk about the good and the bad. Communication is open, honest, and judgment free.
  5. Respect. Each person in the relationship respects each other, feels valued, and is mutually supported.   

Every relationship can be improved. The Real Relationships course hosted by Family Team Building offers a variety of skills to make both personal and professional relationships stronger and healthier. Contact your local Family Advocacy Program or Marine Corps Family Team Building for additional information.

No relationship is perfect, but all relationships should be safe.

If you or someone you know is not safe in their relationship, help is available. Reach out to law enforcement, the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or view resources at and
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