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Conduct Post-leave Check-ins to Reduce Revictimization

Sexual assault can occur at any time in a person’s life. Some may experience sexual assault multiple times throughout their lives. This is called revictimization.

To help reduce revictimization, believe those who report their sexual assault and provide the support and services they seek. Promote cohesion, connectedness, and leadership support, which can provide protection from harmful behaviors.

Check in on peers. These check-ins can be as simple as asking what they did on their leave, talking about your own leave, or describing your upcoming plans post-leave.

Ask how their leave was. If sexual assault comes up in the conversation, ask if they need anything from you, or if they need any resources, and follow through to make sure they receive any requested resources.

Creating these connections with your fellow Marines encourages relationships among each other that build healthy command climates. Creating cohesion and connection throughout the unit reduces the likelihood of harmful behaviors, including sexual assault.

Sexual assault prevention and resources are available at

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